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HierJetzt 2020 Dokumentation from HIER=JETZT on Vimeo.

HIER = JETZT online
Documentation 2020

HIER = JETZT 2020 was planned at the end of April/beginning of May in schwere reiter and had to be cancelled as a live event due to the corona pandemic. However, in compliance with strict hygiene regulations and the daily updated state regulations, the work of 13 choreographers was recorded on video and is now available to the public digitally. HIER = JETZT 2020 online, like the live platforms of recent years, invites you to
an exchange about aesthetics, approaches, goals and ideas of dance and performance and provides impulses for a continuous artistic creation.

The documentary HIER=JETZT 2020 looks back on the online festival with excerpts from the recorded productions and interviews with the participating artists and the organizers Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler. A look back and a look ahead to the platform 2021!

"On behalf of everyone involved, we, Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler, would like to express how elementarily important it was to give artists the feeling of a real, creative work again, despite all the restrictions. Of the original 26 artists who had applied for the platform,
13 choreographers have participated in the HIER = JETZT 2020 , who have developed very diverse and interesting works. Instead of a live performance, the videos of all pieces have been presented online since May 4, in a two-day rhythm. We hope that these working approaches have met with broad interest among colleagues and that the individual artists have been given impulses to pursue their ideas further in order to develop evening-length pieces in perspective.
We also wish that we can work again in 2021 in the old form of open encounter and large audience presence, and that HIER = JETZT can and will continue to grow.
With heartfelt thanks for the great work of the whole team: Angelika Endres, Bui Rouch, Tim Bergmann, Rainer Ludwig, Andi Kern, Mehmet Vanli, Martina Missel, Katharina Wolfrum and Jochanah Mahnke, thanks to you our platform "HIER = JETZT 2020 " took place this year even under very extraordinary circumstances. A huge THANK YOU to all great artists*, to the team, to the Tanztendenz and schwere reiter as well as to all sponsors!"


The platform for contemporary dance HIER=JETZT was founded in 2016 by Tanztendenz members Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler and is a co-production with Tanztendenz München e.V. Here contemporary choreographers test their artistic approaches in choreographic sketches, short choreographies, excerpts from productions and work in progress. HIER = JETZT 2020 online makes the diverse potential of the Munich dance scene visible even in times of Corona and sets a sign of solidarity with the local artists. HIER = JETZT 2020 online, like the live platforms of recent years, invites to an exchange about aesthetics, approaches, goals and ideas of dance and performance and sets impulses for a continuous artistic creation.

Artistic direction: Johanna Richter & Birgitta Trommler
Technic direction, Light design: Rainer Ludwig
Sound: Andi Kern
Production management: Angelika Endres
Organisation: Búi Rouch
Video: Tim Bergmann
PR: Martina Missel & Katharina Wolfrum
Assistenz: Jochanah Mahnke
Photo: Mehmet Vanli
Graphic design: Martina Baldauf

HIER=JETZT wird unterstützt vom Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, durch den Bayerischen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) aus Mitteln des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Unterricht und Kultus, durch die Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse München sowie den Bezirksausschuss 09 Neuhausen- Nymphenburg. In Kooperation mit der Tanztendenz München e.V. Mit Dank an Iwanson International, Bad Lemons, TanzQuelle und an das Tanzprojekt München.

The rehearsals were conducted in compliance with strict hygiene regulations as well as the daily updated state regulations to which all participants committed themselves. The minimum distance was also observed in the artistic work. Only cohabitants, couples, or participants from shared households during the lockdown, worked in normal proximity. After each rehearsal and before each change, 76 cleaning units were used to clean floors and disinfect door handles and any technical equipment. In this way it was consistently ensured that there was no health risk to the artists among themselves.


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture