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October 28 to 29, 2020 / 6:30 pm
RODEO 2020: Zufit Simon + Christoph Winkler
double bill

MIRA Einkaufszentrum

"double bill" shows three solos by two choreographers. An opportunity to experience two strong choreographic positions, which in their differences contour each other.

With "Fleischlos" the Israeli choreographer Zufit Simon resumes one of her first solo works: Starting from unspectacular conscious or spontaneous movements, she develops the dynamics of a complex sequence of movements.

One of her most recent works with sound and video designer Fredrik Olofsson is "SCHÄUME". The project uses the ephemeral fluid as a metaphor for the constitution of modern societies and undertakes a research of the unstable.

Hair is at the center of the solo "Persian Hair" by Raha Nejad, Berlin urban dance/vogue dancer with Iranian roots, in which she explores cultural differences and divergent images of women. For her herself, her hair and the way she dances with it is the "Persian" about her. In the choreography of Christoph Winkler she combines filigree hand and step combinations with powerful moves.

MIRA Einkaufszentrum
Schleißheimer Str. 504
80993 München

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RODEO 2020

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