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August 05, 2017 / 8:30 pm
Tanzwerkstatt Europa: Doris Uhlich
mehr als genug

> schwere reiter

In „mehr als genug”, the Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich asks herself how a body can become a brand and what this mean. Uhlich, who is often called a “corpulent dancer”, critically explores currents norms of beauty and bodies. How important are the exterior shell and the subcutaneous flesh? How dominant is a body’s exterior appearance during a dance performance? Is there a perfect body for dance? And: who is beautiful, who isn’t? What does “beauty” mean? She does live interviews with people whose bodies do not comply with norms (of beauty), but have still become brands. It’s all about our society’s paradox phenomenon of wanting to be individual but still not wanting to march to a different drummer. With its yearning for abundance, the baroque era offers the point of departure for Uhlich’s physical and textual confrontation – with plenty of meat and opulence.

The Austrian has already celebrated the body at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA with her works „more than naked“ und „boom bodies”; this year, she will be teaching an intensive workshop on her so-called fat dance technique.


Guest performance support > Bundeskanzleramt Österreich – Sektion Kunst/Kultur; coproduction > Doris Uhlich; brut Wien; Les Subsistances, Lyon; Förderer > Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, bm:ukk.

schwere reiter
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