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Tanztendenz is also proud to be the initiator of a range of projects that take place in the Lindwurmhof studios, some of which especially created for the schwere reiter venue.

Open Studios

In 2013, Tanztendenz began to offer newcomers once a year the possibility of using its studios free of charge for two weeks during January and February. Currently in its third year of existence, this form of supporting up-and-coming artists is now developing into a series being organised and managed in turn by various Tanztendenz members. In 2015, Tanztendenz choreographers offered to mentor the rehearsal process. The two-week period concludes with a public viewing of the work.


2013 Stephanie Felber, Chantal Gagnebin, Anca Huma, Simone Lindner und Juliana Lorenzi Barreto

2014 Stephanie Felber, Annett Göhre, Gunther Johannes Henne / Heidi Schnirch, Kathrin Knöpfle, Juliette Rahon, Yasmin Schönmann, Rosalie Wanka und Franziska Zöpfel.

2015 Saori Ando & Satoko Mohri , Tim Čečatka, Mélina de Lamarlière, Manasvini K.John, Inge Engel & Kathrin Knöpfle, Nela Adam / Markus Kunas / Luisa Sarmiento & Johannes Anzenhofer, Búi Rouch

2016 AiNE (Daphne Horenczyk, Tanya Rydell, Búi Rouch, Elina Akhmetova, Jenny Schinkler, Simon Kummer), Chiara Kastner & Malin Harff, Lilly Pöhlmann & Tora Hed, Matteo Carvone & Sandra Salietti, Christina D'Alberto & Ryan Mason, Kathrin Schafitel & Jasmine Ellis and Melina Toelle.

2017 Lucile Belliveau, María Casares González, Simone Detig, Luise Lochmann und Daphna Horenczyk

2018 Katharina Voigt + Barbara Galli-Jescheck, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Jenna Hendry + Matilda Bilberg, Federica Aventaggiato + Valerio Porleri + João Santiago, Jordan McHenry, Dmytro Grynov

The call for applications takes place in the preceding autumn via tanznetz.de and the Tanztendenz newsletter.


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture