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Tanztendenz is also proud to be the initiator of a range of projects that take place in the Lindwurmhof studios, some of which especially created for the schwere reiter venue.
  International Network

Since 2006 the Tanztendenz has been a partner in the international network for contemporary dance: Les Repérages* that initiates and fosters contacts between 15 European nations, Canada and Brazil.

*le repérage: (determination of a) location, locating, bearing

Every year in March representatives of the national contemporary choreographers’ scene are sent to the “Danse à Lille” festival (since 2013: “Le Grand Bain”) to Lille and Roubaix in the north of France. [ Le Grand Bain ] Emerging choreographers can present short pieces within a professional frame and make important new contacts with international presenters.

Until recently, the Tanztendenz and Tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf alternately sent choreographers to Lille. The latter, however, have withdrawn their participation from the network, leaving the Tanztendenz as the sole German partner. (...) Tanztendenz’s special features, its attributes as an organisation of artists for artists and its unique targets have sparked interest in its dance network partners.
As an institution “of artists for artists”, Tanztendenz seeks to document the diversity of possible formats, organisational approaches and artistic strategies.

Since Céline Bréant became its director in 2014, Danse à Lille has been restructured. Les [Nouveaux] Repérages no longer exists as an individual programme. Instead, it is now being presented as part of Le Grand Bain festival – which combines dance, theatre and performance – as a selection of productions from the international network of presenters. During the eight days of the festival, choreographers continue to have the possibility both of presenting their work and participating in a residency.

In April 2014, Caroline Finn presented “Bernadette” at the festival in Lille. Until now Micha Purucker (1996-1997), Anna Holter (2006), Katja Wachter (2008), Sabine Glenz (2010) and Stefan Maria Marb (2012) have been german representatives at the Festival Danse à Lille.

At the end of May 2014, Tanztendenz was invited to present its activities and its organisational model at the University of Turin at GIORNATA DI STUDIO, a European network meeting of national and international partners during the INTERPLAY dance festival.

In this spirit, Tanztendenz is planning to engage in a collaborative project – "Métamorphoses" (working title) with partners in its European network:
Dance Limerick and the Firkin Crane in Cork (Ireland); Dansmakers in Amsterdam (Netherlands); Centrum Kultury Zamek in Posen (Poland); La Briqueterie in Vitry-sur-Seine, Le Gymnase in Lille and Le Pacifique in Grenoble (France); and a new ninth partner (replacing Les Brigittines, Brussels).
An examination of history and the background of each individual venue and location will take place in the various cities. This interdisciplinary project will allow architects, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers and pathfinders to engage with staging work in areas and spaces that were formerly put to other uses – lived-in spaces that do not disavow their past. Schwere reiter is the perfect venue for this.
The initial work and meet-and-greet encounter took place in Vitry-sur-Seine in June 2014 so that the new partners could get acquainted and further develop the project concept. Further meetings took place in Cork, Limerick (Ireland), Munich (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) at the end of February and in May 2015 in order to continue work on an EU application for October 2015 and become better acquainted with the various venues and participating artists.

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture