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Tanztendenz is also proud to be the initiator of a range of projects that take place in the Lindwurmhof studios, some of which especially created for the schwere reiter venue.


Tanztendenz created a flexible, slender platform suited for international networking
Guests and friends of Tanztendenz are invited to bring their latest productions to schwere reiter in Munich.

Programme 2013:

CFB 451 - Christian et François Ben Aïm (F): „Valse en trois temps“ [ more ]
Zufit Simon (D): Adom Modulations
JamesCousinsCompany (GB): „There We Have Been“ [ more ]

Programme 2014:

Daniele Ninarello (I): Non(leg)azioni
Adam Linder (D): Cult to the Built on What [ more ]
Companhia Híbrida (Rio de Janeiro): Moto Sensível [ more ]

Programme 2016:

Colette Sadler: Notebook Series
Cristina Kristal Rizzo: BoleroEffect
Charles Linehan: Shadow Drone / film
Rosemary Butcher: Vanishing Point / film [ mehr ]

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture