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August 07, 2017 / 8:30 pm
Tanzwerkstatt Europa: Ruth Childs/SCARLETT’S
Pastime/Carnation/Museum Piece

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„Lucinda Childs is one of post-modern dance's pre-eminent icons, and a founding member of the Judson Dance Theater. She also happens to be my aunt. We decided to work on a revival project of three solos that she choreographed and performed herself in the 1960’s at the Judson Dance Theater in New York: Pastime, Carnation and Museum Piece.“ (Ruth Childs)

„Pastime“ (1963) was Lucinda Childs’ first solo; it researches the relationship between movment and an object. With a piece of stretchable cloth, Childs plays with the typical movement vocabulary of postmodern dance. In „Carnation“ (1964), objects from daily life (sponges, hair curlers, garbage bags) are choreographed. Childs wants do develop a method here, not a story. Dance is deconstructed. „Museum Piece“ (1965) is an artistic performance and ironic conference at the same time. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s idea of an „objet trouvé“, Childs uses the painting „Le Cirque“ by George Seurat as her point of departure and transfers herself into the image in a humorous way to describe it.

In 2014, her niece, Ruth Childs, rehearsed these three solos with her. With the exception of “Carnation”, these works by Lucinda Childs have never been shown outside of the USA; they have lost none of their modernity today..

Guest performance support > Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung; Produktion > SCARLETT’S; coproduction > ADC – Association pour la danse Contemporaine, Genf; supported by > Stadt Genf; Stanley Johnson foundation; Loterie Romande; Nestlé Foundation for Art; Louis Vuitton foundation; Corodis; Republik & Kanton Genf.

schwere reiter
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