Tanztendenz is also proud to be the initiator of a range of projects that take place in the Lindwurmhof studios, some of which especially created for the schwere reiter venue.
Open Studios

In 2013, Tanztendenz began to offer newcomers once a year the possibility of using its studios free of charge for two weeks during January and February.

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Tanztendenz is expanding its residency programme and would like to invite external choreographers to continue work on their productions in the Tanztendenz rehearsal spaces...

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International Choreographers' Atelier

The International Choreographers’ Atelier, which Tanztendenz organises at regular intervals, facilitates travel, artistic exchange and further development....

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STANDPUNKT.e - welcome to my world

With the performance series "STANDPUNKT.e – welcome to my world", which takes place once or twice a year, the audience is invited to discover new ways of seeing contemporary dance...

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Guests and friends of Tanztendenz – especially those from the network – are invited to bring their latest productions to schwere reiter in Munich.

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International Network

Since 2006 the Tanztendenz has been a partner in the international network for contemporary dance: Les [Nouveaux] Repérages* ...

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Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture