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April 27, 2013 / 7:30 pm
In cooperation with Luxemburg and Turin

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Mosaico Danza, TROIS C-L and TanzTendenz represent the SHARED CHOREOGRAPHIC RESIDENCY Project in their respective home countries. The initiative brings together young European artists who work in contemporary dance as well as choreographic institutions and dance festivals that focus on research and young generations in particular and that put great emphasis on training and artistic development through the exchange of different working methods and by relying on European mobility. The project is a creative and synergetic encounter of talented young choreographers from the Piemont, Luxembourg and Munich regions who are nominated by the directors of the national and international choreographic centres involved in the project. Three creative spaces thus share three choreographic residencies.

This component of the project is based on cooperation between the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L (Luxembourg), Tanztendenz Munich (D) and Mosaico Danza Turin (I). It consists of 4 stages – meeting up, sharing knowledge and experience, residency work and a performance in front of an audience. The young choreographers selected for SHARED CHORE 2012/13 are Daniele Ninarello (I), Yuko Kominami (L) and Stephan Herwig (D). Ninarello, Kominami and Herwig will work together from November 2012 to June 2013, travel the three countries involved and benefit from 10 day-working residencies in each partner institute. We thought it would be useful for participants to be able to rely on the support of a coach (or tutor) throughout the various stages of the research and creation periods. Christiane Blaise, director of Le Pacifique | CDC, Centre de développement chorégraphique de Grenoble and founder of the (Re)connaissance contest for young artists with Maison de la danse Lyon will provide this creative supervision and assistance for all three residencies. The closing of each residency is marked by an open rehearsal or informal performance in front of an audience.

The project aims at promoting training and artistic development through the exchange of different working methods and by making use of European mobility with a view to enhancing cooperation between artists and choreographic institutes. The project’s main aim is not to create a new production; instead, the focus is on the creative journeys and cooperative processes that define joint initiatives and that require good teamwork and shared creative interaction and impulses.

Documentation about the project: trailer on vimeo

A project by Tanztendenz München (D), Mosaico Danza, Turin (I) in cooperation with Torinodanza/Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino (I) and TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (L).

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schwere reiter
Dachauer Straße 114
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Haltestelle Leonrodplatz

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«I am really looking forward to encounter, communicate and create together with experienced dancers/choreographers from different styles and backgrounds. I often work alone as a butoh soloist therefore working with other choreographers/dancers of non-butoh background is still an unknown land and it will be an adventure. I appreciate the fact that it will not be a vertical nor linear communication but a more rhyzomic one and I am curious what comes out of this connection. Connecting/disconneting/bridging/learning/unlearning - through this process, I imagine a narrative can organically emerge, or it can be taken to an abstraction. However, for me the underlying theme as well as the starting point will always be the communication between us. I would like to cherish the process, and also somehow create a performance together. The process itself can already be a performance...»

«In general I try not to expect too much, or let ́s say too specific things to happen. I wish for an open situation for all of us to meet, get to know each other and find a common base which to start working, discussing and creating something together on equal levels, whatever this might be. How can 3 different choreographers from 3 different countries with different backgrounds, who, at least in my terms, never met before, find a way of sharing their status quo and their ideas and somehow create something together? What are our similarities, and what are our distinctions? And how does the different environments (cities) change or form what we will be doing? And in general, I am very interested in how to work together with other people on, as I said before, equal levels, without losing our own position!? Or maybe it would be good to lose our own position and find a new one together? How to balance that?»

«I am always deeply curious to meet new artists, and share some time, ideas and reflections together. I imagine a space where we can discover together new creative territories. When I work with other choreographer or performers, I try not to expect too much, and I try to be as open as I can, to learn from them, to receive and give at the same time, to let myself be surprised. I look forward to be inspired and to inspire, to learn other way of moving and creating, to create beautiful images and poetic frames together. The possibility of sharing at this time is very precious for me. My expectation is to create a space where 3 different artists can find themselves in an open situation, free to create, propose, express, question and suggest, while finding common ways of researching with the desire of creating something powerful that can leave a sign.»

More Information about the artists
The Choreographers Herwig, Kominami, Ninarello