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August 05, 2014 / 8.30 pm
TWE: Martin Schick (CH)

> schwere reiter

Discover the beauty of sharing! "Halfbreadtechnique" is a funny and intelligent evening by the Swiss performance artist Martin Schick who appears in the piece as the Swiss performance artist Martin Schick. He searches for the "more" that lies in "less". It's about the question of how much we really need for our personal well being in a period of post-capitalism and globalism.

Schick's works are fundamentally influenced by socio-economic and bio-political issues. Above all, he is interested in what external circumstances do to our body and our feelings. The theater presents him with a space that is suited to testing and discussing these limits. He recently purchased a bunker in the Swiss mountains with support from the Swiss Nestlé Art Foundation in order to set up an artistic research center for post-capitalist ideas.

Since its premiere in 2012 at Julidans in Amsterdam, his performance "Halfbreadtechnique" has been touring throughout the world, winning the hearts of his audiences and their money. An unusual evening that could turn your thoughts inside out.

This guest performance is kindly supported by Pro Helvetia/ Schweizer Kulturstiftung.



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