Morning Training
Evening Classes

Morning training, evening classes & workshops take place in the studios of Tanztendenz and are organized by the teachers themselves.
Evening Classes

Tuesday 6:30 to 8 pm
Karen Janker
Contemporary Dance / Spiraldynamik

For beginners with dancepractice and advancers
Price per evening: 15 Euro
Taster lesson: 12 Euro
More information: 0174 / 31 45 369
Organized by Karen Janker

Thursday 7 to 8:30 pm
Sabine Haß-Zimmermann
Contemporary Dance – mixed level

For beginners and advanced. Entry possible at any time.
The previous two levels are at the moment combined into one course due to corona conditions.

Coasts: Tichet for 10 classes 170€
Ticket for one class: 20€ / Tryout: 15 €
(Special pize for students and pupils:
Tichet for 10 classes 120€
Ticket for one class: 15€ / Tryout: 10€ )
Holiday variable
More information: 0177 / 7398519
Organized by Sabine Haß-Zimmermann


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