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Member since 2017
Ceren Oran

Ceren Oran was born in Istanbul in 1984 and moved to Salzburg to study contemporary dance at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) after 2 years of studies at Yildiz Technical University Art and Design Faculty. Since finishing her postgraduate Masters program ICE (International Choreographic Exchange) at SEAD, she has been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and soundpainter.

She has danced for many choreographers and international companies including Davis Freeman (US/BE), Ori Flomin (US), Tomaz Simatovic (SLO/Ö), Mihran Tomasyan (TR), Mustafa Avkiran (TR), Abhilash Ningappa (IND), Gosaval Gaspard Projects (CR), Toihaus Theatre (AU) etc. She has also danced for various international companies and has worked with many multidisciplinary artists for her own projects such as "Heimat...los!" in München (2015), "Youmemeyouhesheme ..." in Wien (2013), "My Lovely Army" in Salzburg (2010) oder "Arrimamuebles" in Costa Rica (2010), all around Europe and America.

As of 2010, Ceren has been creating Dance Theater Peformances for children (1,5-6 years old) as well and touring with her pieces, "SAG MAL …" (Munich 2016) "Yamuk Yemek" (Istanbul, 2015), "Kugelhupf" (Salzburg, 2014), Cartoonville (Strasbourg, 2013) oder "Trag mich!" (Salzburg, 2010/BMUKK special award, Nomination STELLA 2011), around Europe.

Besides dance, Ceren works with some singers and bands such as Sezen Aksu, Denizalti, Nihan Devecioglu, Barcelona Kletzmer Orchestra and Lamine Cisskho, primarily as a singer or backing vocalist. She likes to use her singing and voice improvisation skills as often as possible and often combines dance and live voice in her creations.

At the moment she is based in Munich and a member of Tanztendenz and Tanz Büro München. She travels regularly to perform and to hold workshops for children and adults all around the world.

AS A SOUNDPAINTER In 2010, Ceren started to build a career as a Soundpainter and Soundpainting trainer, which allows her to explore multidisciplinary free improvisation and compose live 'in the moment' improvisational material on the stage.

She studied with Walter Thompson (Founder of Soundpainting) by the scholarship of Austrian Ministry of Culture (BMUKK) and since 2012 she is part of the Soundpainting Think Tank community and working with other soundpainters to develop and improve the language.

She is the founder and the soundpainter of Salzburg Soundpainting Collective, which has a multidisciplinary structure. Since 6 years she worked as a soundpainter and as a performer with many different international Soundpainting Collectives all around Europe and United States, Walter Thompson (USA), Barcelona Soundpainitng Orchestra(ES), Le SPANG (FR), Zaha (USA), Budapest Soundpainting Orchestra(H), Matters (BLG). She is very open to work and share ideas together, meanwhile as a second level certificated multidisciplinary soundpainting trainer she keeps on organizing workshops for different kinds of groups, such as: Multidisciplinary artists, Refugees, Integration Schools, Primary School Classes, Kindergartens, Amateur Theater Groups, Choirs.

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture

Danceperformance at schwere reiter, premier 22.06.2017 [ more ]

a dance theatre abour language without words for children from 2 year on
premier february, 11 2016, Einstein Kultur
and at the Festivals Think BIG!, October, 18. + 19. 2016 [ mehr ]

Danceperformance at i-camp München, premier 18.06.2015 [ Video ]

Yamuk Yemek
A dance theatre for children
premier february 2015, Moda Sahnesi Istanbul, Türkei
[ mehr ]

Dancetheatre for children between 2 ans 5 years
premier march, 16. 2015, Salzburg
[ mehr ]

Youmemeyouhesheme ...
premier june 2013, Kabelwerk Wien
[ mehr ]

Cartoonville Dancetheatre for children
premier: 2013, Strassbourg
[ mehr ]

My lovely army
premiere 2010, Salzburg